These are the services we provide for you:

Shopping for groceries and running errands: £2.50-£3.50 (depending on where we have to go and how much).

-shop runs

Washing cars exterior: £5.00 Washing interior: £5.00 (both for £8.00 first time buyers).


Brushing paths/driveways clear: 

Cleaning front garden:                 


-Re-sacking worn out binbags

-Taking out bins



*Shovelling snow of your cars and windows:  £1.00-£2.00 (In Winter only and get your first one free).*


We are hoping to help out your current living situation (if needed) but if you are needing maybe a little help we can offer a trustworthy service to you.

We have some tools to help with this but if you have anything we can use too, this will be somewhat helpful.