These are the services we help with

Cleaning up litter £1-£5 depending on how much there is.

Ironing £3.50-£8.00 depending on how much there is.

Watering back garden£3.50

General Tidy £3.00-£6.00 depending on what he have to do tidying up wise.

Shopping for groceries and running errands £4.00-£9.00 depending on where we have to go and how much.

Washing up £2.50-£5 depending how much

Hanging up washing £4.00-£5.00 depending how much.

Putting your bins out 50p-£1 depending on how many bags

Shovelling snow of your cars and windows £2.00-£3.00 (In Winter only and get your first one free)                         



These will be very handy for you and you will love our company and service that we will do.

We would like you to supply the tools needed depending on where you live compared to us close/ far.